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Tradingwolf tradingtool
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Realtime indicators at your fingertips

Realtime Charts for any asset.

With TradingWolf, you can request any chart. Is it stocks, cryptocurrencies, trading Forex, indices, or commodities? Even more options available. Simply add our indicators and easily recognize patterns, the fast money, and straightforward entry or exit moments.

The best trading tools. Here’s Why…

Find out why our tools are good and why they work. Start your successful trading journey with TradingWolf.

Trading patterns

Our algorithm looks for patterns and doesn't just show them. Only if they are correct. Patterns are easy to draw but also quickly wrong.

Technical Oscillators

To spot movements in the market early. Quickly show (hidden) bullish or bearish divergences in markets. Suitable for getting your emotions under control.

Overlay indicators

Trading market reversals, trendlines, correlations on market. Esily spot changes with our trend dots, squeezes and smart volume profiles.

Smart Money

Identifying and understanding financial smart money professionals. Also, act the way they do it. Understand the market and how to trade.

We make trading easier & guess what? They love us for it 🙂

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