Overlay indicators

A complete overview of events you do not want to miss with trading. Our tool is suitable for every market in which you can trade.

You can try our TradingWolf™ tool for free and experience for yourself what the benefit can mean for you. Trading is complex, and our tool makes it understandable.

Trend dots direction trading

The overlay has been specially developed to give early signals and recognize changes. This can be applied to the second, per hour, day, or month. Set it up as you want and need it.


TD Sequential 8s and 9's

Numbers based on an 8/9 (red and green) are sequential numbers used to identify a price point. It gives you an extra confirmation for an uptrend or downtrend.

Reversal Bands

Our standard, triple, reversal bands are based on prices based around moving averages. We are providing squeezes for crucial moments in a move up or down.

Colored candle bars

Don't be fooled by the different green and red candle bars. We print the right bar for you on the screen: Green (uptrend), orange, or red (downtrend).

Correlation table

Do you often trade based on other exchanges or Forex? The correlation table shows four different equations in real-time. You know precisely how the market is moving.

Trend dots

Simple to use. The dots are based on advanced algorithms, below the candle, a green or above the candy, and a red indication.


Top and bottom predictor

Indicates possible (temporary) lows and highs in a higher and lower time frame based on logical series and algorithms. Perfect for recognizing trend changes.

Smart Trendlines

Automatic trendlines are based on a rising or falling trend. This makes it easy to see outbreaks up or down. Trendlines are challenging to draw; you often make mistakes.

Volume profile

An advanced tool displays volume profiles from price levels in the chart instead of the bottom. Precise histogram based on volume significant price levels.

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Overlays help you trade successfully

Use the combination that works best for you. We've created the ultimate trading toolset so you can trade with comfort.

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