We make difficult patterns easily recognizable

Pattern recognitions

Patterns are easy to draw but often just not right. We have written a unique and advanced algorithm for patterns. We recognize them faster than the competition and always ensure they are valid.

The patterns work in all time frames. You can easily read the patterns on low and high time frames. This allows you to respond to the moving market and trade with confidence.

Pattern recognitions

Do you often look for patterns or want to use them with trading? Try our free trial and test whether our trading tool suits your needs.

Bear and bull flags

The bear and bull flags are easy to draw incorrectly. These indicate a rising or falling market. We draw them accurately so you can confidently trade on them.

Falling and rising wedges

A rising price or a falling price has a pattern. When this pattern is broken, you want to know where you stand. It indicates a promising direction of the market.

Head and shoulders

The H&S pattern is very important and we have the fastest confirmation on the market. We support both the basic variant and the inverted head & shoulders.

Double top and bottoms

Our double top and bottom work well on the low and high time frames. Looking for a double top and bottom, confirming we'll go down or up after.

Support and resistance

The market often struggles with resistance or benefits from a support level. We are showing support and resistance. You can take advantage of this by trading.

Predictive price range

Automatic future lines based on the current market in the short, medium, and long term. Choose which market you want to predict, and we will automatically show it on the chart.

Smart Channels

As soon as a channel is available, we will show it. A channel has different levels and is up or down. With this, you can start trading channels and know which channel you are in.

Linear Regression Channel

Take advantage of a linear regression channel. Technical indication with the best data points of interest. Three lines show a trend or price movement's high, depth, and midpoint.

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Our patterns are visible faster than others

Recognize market moves faster

Our advanced algorithm confirms patterns faster than the competition. Take advantage of this by trading on these patterns before the masses do.

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