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Smart money concept (SMC)

Smart Money refers to the big, savvy players in Smart Money, like institutional investors, central banks, professionals, and more. Act like the big boys in the financial market do. Smart Money will always prevail simply because the big players are in Smart Money Trading.

Reduce screen time, signs of breaking out of the structure, change of characters, and improve your profitability trading through the SMC.

Smart money concept trading

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Order blocks

With innovative order blocks, you know where blocks are placed to buy and sell smartly—using pivot points to identify levels of importance based on bodies or wicks. See how the professional market is trading an join them.

Break of Structure (BOS)

We are often in an uptrend or declining trend in the trading market. Noticing breaks in trends is essential for successful trading. Doing this will ensure that you can trade on time and achieve higher profits before the regular market trades on the same signals.

Faire value gap (FVG)

Beneficial concept in price action trading; it offers an area that provides price inefficiencies. They detect instances of inefficiencies, or imbalances, in the market. FVG's are like errors in the market; price mostly tends to back and fill the gap.

Change of character (choch)

CHOCHs are often used by professional traders. This is where price/market structure is trending in a certain direction but price starts to reverse. A powerful tool in its ease of use and simplicity.

Peak & thoughts

Smart peak and thoughts help you find potential reversal points in your support and resistance area, Simple candlestick patterns but incredibly powerful when used together with our other tools. Works well in many cases when trading with leverage.

Supply and demand zones

Understanding demand and supply zones. In the case of a demand zone, it means that you are actually in a support zone and can buy quite safely. A supply zone is a selling zone with resistance in the market. Ideal for securing your portfolio and buying back lower.

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Smart Money Concept

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