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Technical Oscillators

Our oscillators are developed to detect early movements in the opposite direction of the market. In addition, we print divergence lines that are bullish, bearish, or almost unrecognizable hidden. Great for taking your emotions out of your trades.

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With many different oscillators, you always have your ideal tool available. Everyone has other preferences. We’ve developed RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Awesome Oscillator, WaveTrend, ZigZag, and DPO.

Technical oscilliators

Wave trend

The most effective way to identify swing trading. Provides dual indicator functionality to identify openings and closures in waves. Also, show overbought and oversold areas.


Zigzags lowers the impact of random price fluctuation and is used to identify price trends. Highlight trends in the lower and higher levels. Works the best in the trending markets.


Detrended price is used in technical analyses. It highlights peaks and throughs in price, which are used to estimate buy and sell points in line with the historical cycle.

Awesome Oscillator

A non-limited oscillator provides insight into a trading unit's strengths or weaknesses. Show when you go up or down with a simple histogram. Practical and straightforward.

Smart RSI

RSI shows the relative strength index of the timeframe. It measures the price change from zero to 100. Good to catch overtrade (high numbers) or under trade (low numbers) zones.


Professional day traders commonly use stochastics. An accurate indicator for tops and bottoms along with the divergence it shows. Based on closing prices of the day.


The moving average convergence divergence indicator shows trend-following momentum with the relationship between two moving averages, crossing the signal line.

Technical oscilliators
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